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Directed by Jan Wagner

Poland | 2006 | Drama | English

Running Time: 11 minutes

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PORNO Film Credits PORNO Customer Reviews Write a Review for PORNO
Mirek lives in a block of flats and hangs out with his friends. When the sexually precocious Violetta moves into the building, she starts to bombard him with verbal come-ons. He's curious, but sceptical too. His friends scoff and call him a hopeless romantic. And his mother, who's got a new boyfriend, is getting on his nerves, too.
Technical Specifications
PORNO is the short film on Film Movement's Year 6, Film 12 DVD UNDER THE BOMBS.
DVD Special Features
PORNO is included on Film Movement Canada's DVD - UNDER THE BOMBS
Cast and Crew
Director: Jan Wagner
Starring: Anna Gross
Starring: Dorota Kielkowicz
Starring: Tomasz Rolinski

pirno amerika - Customer Review

Henry IV - Customer Review
Porno isn't quite what I expected, but it's a quality short film.  If you are looking for Film Movement feature films that are more erotic in theme check out Alexandra's Project and Antares